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FMS - Facilities and Functionality

FMS Transport Systems have been designed and developed for transport operators by transport specialists who understand that the people operating the systems are not always computer-oriented people. Nor should they be, and the functionality of FMS throughout is based on this philosophy.

One of the main aims of FMS is to provide a paperless environment and allow all personnel connected to FMS access to all the information, no more passing paper around or chasing people for more information. No need to interrupt radio operators to answer customer queries, it's all there on the system. Wherever there is a terminal or a PC, you have access to the system and are able to check information, add or modify details, answer enquiries, or investigate and report on information which is up-to-the-minute.

In-vehicle or mobile data terminals and various portable data devices are fully supported by FMS with printers and/or displays as well as the option of barcode scanning for prepaid tickets, consignment notes, signature capture and general track and trace. Where it is possible to determine the driver who should do the job, the information may be sent directly to the driver without despatcher intervention. Alternatively the despatcher may allocate the job and transmit the information to the driver. Except for paging systems, this is a two way process with information entered at the mobile terminals updating the main FMS system.

Several options are available for the remote entry of booking information and requests by the transport companys' clients ; via their own computers, a terminal supplied by the Transport Company, extensive Internet and Web options, or using touch phones or voice activation as an entry terminal to a telebooking interface to FMS.

As part of the standard FMS system, general ledger income and expense account codes can be maintained and an interface provided for easy transfer of information into third party account applications. Various applications are supported from entry level MYOB through to high-end products such as Great Plains, Pronot and SAP.

The extensive knowledge that the developers of FMS have gained in the transport industry, through their experience with both large and small operations has ensured FMS proven reliability, stability and simplicity and has enabled installations to be carried out smoothly and without disruption. As part of the implementation process, FMS is tuned to individual users' requirements, ensuring that every user achieves substantial productivity gains whilst maintaining thei own unique method of operation.

The major consideration has been flexibility, and adapting systems to people and their individual operations rather than the reverse situation, which often seems to occur as the result of computerisation.

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