We have been operating within the freight and logistics industry for over thirty years, so we understand about the current challenges transportation and freight companies are facing today. Our solution is freight automation.


Within the transportation, freight and logistics industry, automation involves the use of technology to improve efficiency of logistical processes involved in transporting cargo.

Here at HUB Systems, we use a combination of software and hardware technology to increase efficiency, reduce operation costs and improve customer service for our clients.

We are your partners in automating your business

  • We are your advisory experts in automation technology, logistics ‘people and process optimisation’.


• Mounting operation costs (including fuel, staff)
• Legislation demands (CoR – Chain of Responsibility)
• Conducting effective and necessary technical training
• Retaining valued, loyal & happy employees
• Meeting customer delivery expectations, greater transparency & technology use
• Increasing profit & sustainability
• Damaged, delayed, lost deliveries & contingencies
• Lack of time to consolidate data & conduct invoicing, billing & reports.

It comes as no surprise that implementing automation technologies like a freight management system within your business is a top priority.


We are not just a software provider, we are your advisory experts in automation technology, logistics ‘people and process optimisation’.

Here at HUB Systems, people and technology partnership equals automation success.

It’s essential that we understand your core systems at every level of your business and that we listen to your staff from management, bookings, despatch, drivers, contractors, accounts and administration.


HUB Systems have developed automation technology that is easy to use yet sophisticated enough to accommodate every feature required for freight and logistics companies.

Our comprehensive onboarding process including personalisation to suit your unique needs, ensures all users within your company are set for success.

We address any contingencies, personalisation requirements and training gaps before your business is depending on your new automation platform.

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What our clients say…

“HUB Systems Freight Management System has transformed our business. We were able to automate manual tasks while becoming more efficient. Using the HUBPOD app, we were able to provide Proof of Delivery every time.”
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“User-friendly software. We would highly recommend it.”
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“HUB Systems provide great support for our team. Their team are friendly and accessible when we need them.”
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Dealing with HUB Systems directly for software, hardware, and ancillary services means you can be done with the inefficiencies and expenses of multiple suppliers.

Freight Management System

For transport and freight management companies

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