Our vision here at HUB Systems is to be key business partners that achieve stability and viability for logistics operators across Australia, New Zealand and the United States in an increasingly challenging industry.


Create automation transformation of freight and logistics operators with people-focused and solutions-based digital automation technology.

Custom-built for the logistics industry, our Freight Management System (FMS) and Unified Freight Management (UFM) platforms move your business forward in efficiency, performance and profitability.



We build rapport with our clients quickly because of common sentiment. We respect and understand the demands they face daily in their industry because we have been there working in the logistics industry for over 30 years.


No need is too small/big for our team to consider and solve digitally within our platforms. We partner with our clients. This means we are committed to supporting your business not only at onboarding of our system, but our people are there to support you ongoing.

We are committed to innovation and excellence. We develop digital solutions for your challenges and your customers’ expectations of tomorrow.


We understand it requires multiple key stakeholders across your business to successfully onboard a new system that is company-wide.

We take the time to listen and speak with your people from each area of your business including: booking, despatch, fulfilment and accounts. We then tailor our system to best suit your requirements at all levels of the supply chain.


Clear communication and transparency are important to us. We don’t hide behind technical jargon. We enable digital transformation with ease for even the most manual-based businesses.

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What our clients say…

“HUB Systems Freight Management System has transformed our business. We were able to automate manual tasks while becoming more efficient. Using the HUBPOD app, we were able to provide Proof of Delivery every time.”
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“User-friendly software. We would highly recommend it.”
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“HUB Systems provide great support for our team. Their team are friendly and accessible when we need them.”
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