Here at HUB Systems, we have developed automation technology that is powered by logistics people. We are not just a software provider, we are your advisory experts in automation technology, logistics ‘people and process optimisation’.


When you choose HUB Systems Freight Management System, you gain a business partner that will provide all the training, advice and support you need ongoing to automate your business.

We have over 30 years experience in logistics and our software has been providing automation success for many freight and logistics businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Effective automation technology like our Freight Managment System and Unified Freight Management platforms enable your business to be more efficient and profitable.


HUB Systems was established to meet the needs of the transportation industry. Our expertise and professional services develop automation technology, and our platforms enable you to manage and control business operations.

We provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to automate the activities of mobile fleet and logistics operators. Our software can accommodate user preferences that are unique to your organisation. We can consolidate even the most diverse logistics operations.

When you decide on new automation technology, training and personalisation in advance to going live, are key factors to its successful integration into your operations and organisation.

The sooner you are realising improved performance, the better.

Here at HUB Systems, we ensure this process happens in a practical and efficient way, achieved by having ‘feet on the ground’ at your business and people on the other end of the phone when you need.

We address any contingencies, personalisation requirements and training gaps before your business is depending on your new software.

HUB Systems provide a fast, solid solution that will transform your business now and set it up for the future.

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What our clients say…

“HUB Systems Freight Management System has transformed our business. We were able to automate manual tasks while becoming more efficient. Using the HUBPOD app, we were able to provide Proof of Delivery every time.”
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“User-friendly software. We would highly recommend it.”
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“HUB Systems provide great support for our team. Their team are friendly and accessible when we need them.”
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